Thursday, 19 January 2017

Treatment- Sexism in the Media

Sexism. Past, present and future. We see it in our everyday life, we pass it without a second thought. How long has it occupied the media, the way it is presented? from who we see in TV adverts to what we read in newspapers and magazines.

Join us as we investigate the evolution of sexism within the media. Is it really gone? Did the feminists really win? or have we simply chosen to turn a blind eye?

Lets take it back a few decades, were women were targeted by cleaning adds, told a woman to keep house and cook dinner and men to get a job, work, make the money and let their wife deal with all the rest- including the kids. Hearing from industry professionals and looking at archive materials about a time long past. A time were society was less advanced or so we are lead to believe.

Although the past is important we can't forget today. We can't forget the media and its "new found" approach to attracting the masses. Today, we have products, and adverts, we have window displays, and gender discrimination. No. Not gender discrimination, more suggested norms. Asking for public opinions we find out the truth. Have we really moved past the abusive adds? blue for men and pink for women.

Moving on, we look to the future. Will history repeat itself or will the media truly evolve?

Start thinking about the modern world and the role the media play in shaping society. How the glossy covers and glamour magazines encourage you to see false ideals. Remember the past, recognise the signs in the present and embrace the future with understanding of this. Allow our speakers to tell you, the story and uncover the truth behind the air brushed images. 

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