Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Up Date 01.03.17

I have spoken to the model agency and they are not interested. I was given a name for The Herald however when contacting it there was no response.

I spoke to the SA and they said to just pop down and ask on the day if any students there would want to be interviewed. I did try and get something more solid, however that is all the assurance they could give me.

Plans still in place for Thursday the 9th with Ann.

Have contacted  DC publishing, they would have liked to help however are fully booked for the next few weeks- recommend contacting for future.

Monday, 20 February 2017


I have at least one interview. (Professional) Ann Donaldson. Who has been kind enough to agree to an interview on the 9th. (2pm till 4pm)

I have emailed a modelling company to see if they could do an interview to back up the experience as subjects within the media. (Basic interview)


Q. Name and Profession
Q. Where are you from?
Q. In terms of media, what do you think about the male/female ration within it?
Q. Looking back a couple decades, did you notice anything about the way males and females were represented in adds? newspapers? magazines?

(Will be shown examples)

Q. Looking at the given examples, what would you say about media and gender representation today in comparison to before?
Q. What do you think the media will be like in the future given its current course?
Q. What would you like to see more of in the media and why?
Q. Given they way the media started representing males and females, would you say it has evolved?
Q. Finally, do you think the way people are represented in the media is accurate and why?


Pre-production Meeting = week of 6th of Feb
Production Meeting = week 20th of Feb

Shoot over two weeks = 2nd of Mar
                                        9th of Mar

Edit over two weeks = 16th of Mar
                                     23rd of Mar


Director; Jordan Daly (Me)
Sound; Marc Harvey
Lighting; John Matheson
PA; Souita Samadi

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Up to Date;

So far I have contacted lots of people about interviews. I have spoken to two of them and they decided they did not have enough knowledge to be of any real use in terms of the subject matter. I have been speaking with a lady (Professional) and she seems interested. Though do not want to speak t soon. 

I have sourced a book that I think I will use in the interviews, and as a rough guide for some of the speakers.  

In terms of location, that depends on who I interview, 


So I have spent some time looking at past examples of " Sexism in the Media" and was is everywhere, even in an add for a tie. So I began to look at sexism today, and although it is not as in-your face it is still very visible. 

Sadly I can't find images of future sexism in the media, that part with be more based on the persons opinions.